Jerga Jacket for men sudadera de jerga

Jerga jacket and huaraches outfit

This outfit is composed of a Jerga Jacket, shorts, and Huaraches. This is a casual look for a fair weather although if you use jeans or pants instead it could be for cold weather also without loosing a cool casual look.
Zapatos Tejidos Mexicanos de hombres Huaraches men's Mexican handwoven shoes Authentic Traditional Mexican Handwoven Shoes. 100% Leather Upper and Foot bed, Synthetic Lightweight Sole, Made in Mexico.
Traditional Mexican shirt for men, made in Mexico / Guayabera Camisa Tradicional de México.
Huaraches for men Handwoven Shoes for men
Huaraches de hombre Handwoven Shoes
Jerga Jacket made in Mexico for men
Jerga Jacket and Huaraches Outfit for men
White Jerga Jacket made in Mexico for men
sudadera de jerga hecha en mexico para hombre
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